Saturday, September 25, 2010

Passion in June, feast of Mach 5 Group buy

Activities 1: the truth back, purchase promotions

June 1, 2009 - June 30, 2009, Mach 5 speed Price:

Mach 5, 240 yuan a year to accelerate service offers original price: 150
Mach 5, 130 yuan for half a year to accelerate service offers original price: 100 yuan

If purchase, please click:
If the renewals, please click:
Activities link, please click:

Activity 2: the truth feedback, buy special offers
Event Time :2009-06-01 to 2009-06-30
On card:
5-10 years card Tuangou Jia: 130 yuan
More than 10 years of card Tuangou Jia: 120

Half card:
5-10 half card Tuangou Jia: 85 yuan
10-20 cards Tuangou Jia Zhang six months: 70 yuan
More than half of card 20 Tuangou Jia: 60 yuan

On card:
5-10 months card: Tuangou Jia: 20 yuan
10-30 Zhang Yue Card: Tuangou Jia: 15 yuan
30-50 Zhang Yue Card: Tuangou Jia: 12 yuan
More than 50 months card: Tuangou Jia: 10 yuan

Group buy user please call the customer service telephone :0755-88820101 Contact Group buy specific purchase process. Thank you
Advisory Service QQ: 454291373

Customer Service Tel: 0755-88820101 Ms Fung
Like to thank all new and old customers have been on the Mach 5's support, we will provide you with better service to new and old customers back, thank you!

Interpretation of this event go to Shenzhen in the company of all afterburner

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