Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interior Design with 3dmax4.0 production (7) Make a wall

(7) Make a wall

1, the LEFT view magnification shows that in the command panel, click the CREATE / SHAPES item, under which the command panel, click LINE, use the Line tool to draw in the LEFT view the graphic shown below.

2, enter the MODIFY command panel, in MOFIFIER LIST list, click the plus sign LINE on the left, into the sub-object level, click SPLINE, in the view, we draw the line type, click to select it, and then click the command panel OUTLINE under the button, drag the view in the LIFT linear, as we pulled out a good production of a linear profile, as shown in the figure.

3, in the LIFT view of linear choices we make, enter the MODIFY command panel, in the drop-down menu, select LATHE items, ALIGN, under the command panel below the MIN button click, the shape as shown below.

4, in the LEFT view, create the graphics shown below, in the TOP view, draw a circle, using the tools of the circular path along the path lofting lofting, lofting after forming results are shown in the figure.

5, on the right side of the command panel, click CREATE / SHAPES item, in its order under the STAR panel click the button, the former view, draw a star.

6, enter the MODIFY command panel, the objects include a EXTRUDE (tensile) option, set the AMOUNT of the value of 1, and then adjust their relative positions as shown below.

7, will make a good wall model we moved to the appropriate location of the wall, while another copy an adjusted position as shown below.

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